Sewage Treatment Storyboard

Give us a call at least 3 weeks before you wish to install the plant. We can arrange a site visit to check access and confirm the best location for treatment plant and field and discuss installation timing. Sometimes the tank needs to go in before the building starts if access is limited, but usually the tank will be installed at the same time as the drains.

We recommend that the tank is installed by Jet Waste & Water Systems, by a local distributor, or by a registered drainlayer familiar with our plants. Correct installation is critical for the longterm successful operation of the treatment plant and disposal field.

Installation Requirements and Dimensions drawings give pit details and other requirements.
(attach thumbnail drawings for Jet Fibreglass plant and Xtra and Concrete)

See below a photo storyboard of a typical fibreglass plant installation. Please click on the pictures to enlarge them and read captions.