Fibreglass Plants

Fibreglass Jet Home Plant

This is our most popular plant for average sized homes. It is constructed from fibreglass in one tank and pre-assembled for ease of installation. The plant footprint is 3.5m long x 1.5m wide. The tank weighs approximately 400kg and is delivered by trailor and placed with a 3.5 tonne digger, causing minimal disturbance to existing lawns or bush. This plant is ideal for difficult access or remote sites and have also been delivered by barge and helicopter and can be hand carried if digger access is not possible. To find out how the plant works please refer to Our Process page.

JET Xtra

This is a larger version of the Fibreglass Jet Home Plant, designed for larger houses up to 7 bedrooms, high water use homes, or house plus minor dwelling. The plant footprint is 4.5m long x 1.5m wide. This plant has the same benefits of ease of installation as the fibreglass home plant.

JET Upgrade

Also constructed from fibreglass this plant is for use in limited space or access situations where there is an existing septic tank 4500 Litres or more to provide primary treatment. The Upgrade plant has no primary chamber and utilizes the septic tank to provide this. The Upgrade tank consists of aeration, settling and discharge pump chambers in one tank. The tank is 2.7m long x 1.5m wide.

JET Textile Plant

The Jet Tex 2000 is a packed bed reactor (PBR) treatment system. Waste enters a septic tank for settling and primary treatment. It then passes into a recirculation tank and is recirculated by a timer controlled pump through a chamber containing hanging textile media sheets. The sheets provide a high surface area for aerobic bacteria to break down the waste. Treated effluent is then pumped to disposal field. The textile filter is a small footprint alternative to a recirculating sand filter.

JET Blower Option

For sensitive sites, infrequently used properties or in situations where the plant must be installed close to the house our new Whisper Blower option is an advantage. The Whisper blower is very low on power use and almost silent in operation. All our treatment plants are available with the Whisper Blower option.