Sewage Treatment Products

The Jet sewage treatment plant has been installed and field proven in New Zealand for over 35 years.

Building on our proven design we now offer a range of waste treatment products to meet site specific requirements. These include the original Classic Jet Plant, Fibreglass Plant Upgrade Plant, the Jet XTRA for large homes, and Whisper Blower option.
fib xtra drawing

Jet Sewage Treatment Plant benefits

  • Proven Technology – Jet Inc in USA developed the aeration treatment principal for individual home treatment plant in 1950. This is now the most common method of achieving high quality effluent in domestic use. Over time we have developed and improved the product to the point where it is now the most reliable system on the market.
  • Experience – The owners of the company have been installing the product in New Zealand for over 20 years.
  • Simple System – Our plant has been refined to simple components and tankage to minimise mechanical or control service requirements.
  • Full Installation & Servicing – Effluent system failures are due to poor installation or poor servicing. By providing these items in-house we have removed these potential problems.
  • Minimal site disturbance – Our systems being contained in a single fibreglass tank can be installed with minimum mess, minimal heavy equipment on site.
  • Exceptional Service – We pride ourselves on our customer service. We service our own plants and our servicemen in the field are experts in servicing our plants.
  • Full Installation Available – We can provide a full service from design through to installation and servicing in house therefore the customer does not have to co-ordinate engineers and contractors. This also means we are responsible for the full job.
  • Competitive pricing – By controlling the manufacturing and installation and servicing process ourselves we are able to provide the best product at the best price.