Looking After Your Plant

Look after your plant and it will look after you!

Service Contract

The best thing you can do to keep your system performing at optimum is to have a service contract for 6 monthly servicing. Unlike some companies we service our own plants and we consider we provide the best treatment plant servicing in the industry. Correct installation and ongoing customer service are a must for long term performance and we provide this.

We don’t just service Jet Plants. We service all brands of sewage treatment plant in the Auckland area.


Our dedicated and experienced servicemen know our plants inside out and can fine tune your system.


Minimum maintenance requirements of cleaning the filters and flushing the drip irrigation lines are done automatically every six months, plus all the extra bits you wouldn’t do yourself!


Minimise breakdowns – just like a car regular servicing prevents minor problems from becoming major.


Maintenance contracts are compulsory by most councils

A service contract provides the following 6 monthly check

» Check operation of aerator, discharge pump, alarm, control panel operation
» Check sludge build up in primary chamber and advise when pump-out is required
» Clean all filters
» Flush driplines, check for leaks, check operation of field
» Check appearance of the liquid in all chambers
» Alter plant settings if required to improve treatment
» Check and adjust pH if required
» Provide a written report on plant condition and any recommendations
» A 7 day/week callout service is available, call outs are charged extra to regular services and have a callout and travel fee.

Owner Maintenance

Owner maintenance is minimal if you have a service contract.

The one regular requirement is to clean the disc filter once in between our service visits. This only takes 10 minutes when you use the filter spanner supplied to undo the filter housing, remove the filter element, loosen the discs and shake the filter in a bucket of water. Just remember to turn the pump off first!
Other than that it is a matter of being kind to your plant.
Space out your washing machine use over the week. Don’t do loads of washing straight after each other.

Minimise breakdowns – just like a car regular servicing prevents minor problems from becoming major.