Congratulations Martin Sharp

Martin Sharp, Service Manager at Jet Waste and Water, North Harbour is the March winner of an Awesome Service Award.

He was nominated by happy customer Claire Buckley:

“We had an issue with our septic tank. We had never had to have anyone look at it before, and having been told by the previous house owners that all we needed to do was clean the filters, we really had no knowledge of the system or how it worked.

Since it was tripping the internal fuse board, it was something that needed to be sorted immediately.

I spent some time on the phone trying to find someone who could help us, eventually coming across Jet Waste and Water who had an after hours number.

I rang the number and got Martin who was so helpful and kind.

It was not their company who had installed the septic system, and once I described it the system we quickly established it was not a system that he was familiar with.

However he was still willing to help us.

We were on the very edge of their service area, and he wasn’t going to be able to come out until the next day, but was able to reassure me over the phone that we would be fine until the next day when he would come out.

On the Sunday he arrived and went to have a look at the septic system, he quickly established that it was an issue with the pump and that we probably needed a new one. He then explained to me very clearly how the system worked and answered all my silly questions well with lots of information.

After further investigation he worked out the pump was simply blocked and he was able to clean it and get our system working again.

He explained everything he had done and was so good at taking the time to make sure we were happy with what he had done and how it all worked and where to go from there.

He was professional and knowledgeable and nothing was too much trouble despite the fact he was out to us on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, when I am sure it was most inconvenient for him.

To top it all off the invoice we duly received was for much less than we anticipated.

Martin really did go the extra mile for us and given the nature of dealing with septic tanks, and the fact it was a Sunday we were thoroughly impressed with the service he gave us.”

Congratulations Martrin Sharp from Jet Waste and Water Systems!